Our many varieties of breads are made from imported German flour and are, of course, baked fresh daily. Try a new bread every week, and discover why bread is such an important staple of the German diet! Please provide 48 hours notice for Internet Orders!

60% Whole Wheat

Whole wheat flour, white flour, honey, vegetable shortening, milk, yeast, salt and sugar.

Aachener Brot

Oats, barley, wheat, cornmeal, sesame seeds, flax seeds, millet, rye malt, wheat gluten, water, yeast, sunflower seeds, salt, sourdough with mixed grains and nuts on top.

Baltic Rye

Rye flour, white wheat flour, caraway seeds, flax seeds, yeast, sour, salt.

Black Forest Sourdough Rye

"Misch Brot"; medium rye, white rye, sour dough, wheat gluten, yeast and salt.

Butter Top White

White loaf with butter on top; white wheat flour, vegetable shortening, milk, salt, yeast, sugar & butter.

Challah - Butter

Rich braided bread - Contains white wheat flour, butter, milk, eggs, yeast, salt and sugar. Your choice of plain, poppy or sesame on top.

Challah with raisins

Rich braided bread; white wheat flour, butter, milk, eggs, raisins, yeast, salt and sugar.


Italian flat bread; unbleached wheat flour, yeast, sour, water and salt. 1lb.

Corn Rye

Round dense loaf; rye flour, corn meal, wheat flour, caraway seeds, salt and yeast.

Cranberry Walnut

Wheat flour, rye sour, whole wheat flour, wheat gluten, barley flour, yeast, salt, dried cranberries, walnuts.